Terms and Conditions

All the Prices on this website are subject to change at any time and without a prior notice to any stakeholder.

All the Promotional offers are also subject to change at any point and time without prior notice to any stakeholder.
Till the official launch of the website all the prices are just for referencing puposes and anyone interested in the getting quotation about any product are adviced to call Sporticus office to get the prices. Prices can be requested by fax or through an email.
Fix or Exchange Promise on Dodgeballs confers to the following:
In case of any problem with the  Products we will try to fix the issue first within UK. If in case it cannot be fixed we will issue you a new one. We normally hold a few extra customized Dodgeballs. However, in case we do not have the product in stock, we will give you a credit note, which means we will issue you a new product with your next order.
This is becuase of International Delivery charges. If however customer chooses to have product before the next order, then customer will have to bear 50% of International Delivery Charges. Minimum charges on Internation delivery are £60.00



Every Customer that gives us order to customize their orders gives us permission to make stuff for them and legally allow us to display their items on our website for Advertisement and selling purposes. This will allow the Universities, Colleges, Schools, Leagues, Clubs and Team Players to buy their own customize Balls from our Wesbite as well. Every customer that does not want to us do this has to give this in writing to us that they don’t want us to use their names or customized products for Advertisement and Sale purposes.

We may also choose to give any extra, refurbished or Returned stock for Charitable, Sponsorship or any other purposes that Sporticus deem fit. Any customer not wishing us to do so will have to let us know before the production is commenced.