If you are placing an order for a specific Club from our list of Associate Club please bear in mind that the lead time for your delivery is between 3-5 weeks. This is because we do not keep huge stock of Club orders and often we need to make fresh stock for your order. So kindly bear with us for atleast 2 weeks before enquiring about your order.
Replacement for Faulty Branded Dodgeballs
When we do branded Dodgeballs for our customers, we usually make a few extra balls in case of any replacements required at Quality testing stage. Since there is always possibility of Human errors, in an unfortunate event of your Branded balls being faulty we will try our best to issue a replacement ball or fix the balls however if we do not have extra Branded balls in stock we will either issue you those branded balls with your next order or attempt to fix the issue if it is fixable at our London Office. To compensate for the inconvenience and for your patience we will always issue you some FREE COMPLIMENTARY balls to say thank you for your Patience.
Can Our Club get Sponsorship from Sporticus
OH YES! at Sporticus we believe in returning our share back to the community. There are number of option through which we can offer you Sponsorship Deals.